Plastic Part Rotational Molding for Recreational Vehicle Industry

Jer-Den Plastics is a leading supplier of plastic rotomolded parts for the recreational vehicle industry. We offer the latest technology, tooling & equipment to provide lightweight, durable innovative products for our many valued clients in the RV sector.

Tanks for recreational vehicles can be manufactured in virtually any size and capacity, according to your project’s specific needs. Unlike other manufacturing methods, rotational molding offers the ability to mold tanks and other R.V. products into virtually any shape or dimension – no matter how complex or unusual – in order to optimize available space on the finished vehicle.

Rotational molding is also ideal for manufacturing recreational vehicle parts and equipment because it is lighter in weight than traditional metal components. Fuel consumption is a primary concern to any RV manufacturer – so any time metal can be replaced by plastic, the weight reduction leads to fuel savings for the RV owner.

Unlike car models (which are produced by the millions) recreational vehicles are produced in smaller numbers – and therefore require relatively small part orders. Yet the parts are typically highly specialized. Rotational molding offers the flexibility to affordably manufacture smaller runs of highly specialized components.

Rotational Molding of Camper and RV Parts

Recreational vehicle seats, tables and other accessories lend themselves well to the rotational molding process. Unlike an internal part that is never seen, RV furnishings need to be visually appealing to the consumer, in addition to being durable. Not only does rotational molding allow for a lightweight product of any shape or size, but the end product can be manufactured in virtually any color or texture. This gives you complete control over the aesthetics of your final product.

At Jer-Den plastics we understand the camper and recreational vehicle (RV) market. Our engineers have decades of experience designing and manufacturing lightweight affordable parts that meet each clients’ unique needs. We can rapidly design and prototype your concept, select the best plastic materials for the job and get you to market quickly.

Located in the heart of the world’s automotive center, we are just a “stone’s throw” from Elkhart, Indiana the “RV Capital” of the world. Our central Detroit-area location allows us to rapidly and cost effectively deliver RV parts and products to Indiana, anywhere in the Midwest, or to either coast – rapidly and cost effectively.

Rotational Molded RV Parts:

  • Design Flexibility
  • Wide Range of Colors
  • Affordable Small Runs
  • Lightweight Parts
  • Durable Components

Rotational Molded Camper & RV Parts:

  • Camper tanks
  • RV tanks
  • Bike covers
  • Dump Waste Tanks
  • Water Tanks
  • Wedge shaped tanks
  • Fender skirts
  • Chairs, benches, tables


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