Plastic Part Rotational Molding for Industrial Applications

Rotational Molding is the ideal molding process for creating plastic parts, components and products for a wide array of industrial uses. No matter what your industrial sector, Jer-Den has the experience and the equipment to rapidly and affordably manufacture the industrial products you need.

Rotomolding involves heating finely ground plastic resin in molds that are spun while being baked in high temperature ovens. The gravity pushes the molten plastic against the walls of the mold creating an even thickness throughout the part. The “hollowness” this creates results in products of substantially lower weight – while the plastic resins ensure high impact resistance and durability.

Rotationally molded plastic can be designed to withstand exposure to a virtually unlimited array of chemical components, and environmental stresses, making it the perfect solution for industrial applications. Rotomolded plastics can also be engineered to be static-resistant, fire-resistant and weather-resistant. And, of course, unlike manufactured or welded metal, plastic is always 100% rust free.

Additionally, one of the biggest advantages of rotational molding is that multiple small parts can often be replaced with just one (or a few) bigger parts. Eliminating the need for several small parts not only lowers your cost by reducing your parts count, but also eliminates the cost of the fasteners, adhesives and labor needed for assembling the small parts. And, one-piece parts are more durable than multi-piece components.

Rotational Molding Offers Lightweight, Durable Parts for Industrial Applications

Rotomolding offers greater design freedom than other manufacturing methods – allowing for the fast and affordable development of highly customized parts and specialized components. And, rotomolded parts can affordably be produced in small runs. Tooling costs are lower with rotational molds than injection or blow molds. This results in lower start-up costs, as well as cost-effective production runs even when producing as few as twenty-five components.

Our engineers have decades of experience creating the best rotomolded plastic designs – and selecting the best choice of materials – for our clients’ individual industrial-related needs. At Jer-Den the integrity of your industrial product is ensured – so you never have to worry about part or containment failure that can lead to product loss, personal injury, or environmental contamination.

Utilizing Jer-Den Plastics for your industrial rotational molding needs will improve the quality of your final product, reduce overall production time, lower your shipping costs and speed production. We will partner with you to develop rotationally molded industrial parts and products that are reliable, durable, attractive and affordable.


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