Plastic Part Rotational Molding – Engineering Services

Our experienced engineers are here to assist you with the entire rotational molding process: from concept to completed product. We provide complete design assistance, prototyping, tooling fabrication, production feasibility & optimization, manufacturing, and product finishing to bring your rotomolded parts or products to life.
Our skilled in-house engineering staff can take your “general idea” or “rough sketch” and help you develop it into a final design that meets your exact needs – at a price within your budget.

The initial design and engineering phase is perhaps the most critical stage in the overall development and manufacturing cycle. Our experienced engineers will not only design a product that is best suited to the molding process, but will also recommend the best materials and most appropriate processing methods for your specific needs.

rotational molding

Rotomolding Can Lower Costs, Reduce Assembly & Improve Reliability

rotational molding
We can also look at your current parts or products and show you how converting them to rotational molding will not only reduce your costs and improve your lead time, but will also offer you a stronger, lighter, more durable and more attractive product.
Where appropriate, our engineers can also demonstrate a design for you that may consolidate several small parts into just one (or a few) parts. This solution can further lower costs by reducing part count, eliminating the expense of adhesives & fasteners, and decreasing the labor costs of assembly.

Our engineers utilize the latest computerized technologies to ensure that your final parts meet both your desired specifications and your end-users’ every expectation. We employ CAD software to provide design visualization at every stage of development.

We Are Expert US Plastic Part Rotational Molders

We can rapidly produce the prototype, provide accurate upfront cost estimates, conduct pre-production parts testing and offer innovative suggestions to assure the finished part or product meets your exact needs – while keeping costs low and quality high.

When your designs are in the hands of the skilled and experienced rotational molding engineers at Jer-Den plastics, you can be assured that your project will come in as designed, on time and within budget.

Contact Jer-Den Plastics today to discuss your rotational molding needs.

rotational molding