Plastic Part Rotational Molding for Commercial Industries

Rotational Molding CompanyRotational Molding is the ideal molding process for creating durable and affordable plastic parts, components and products for a wide array of commercial uses. No matter what your commercial or consumer market sector, Jer-Den has the experience and the equipment to rapidly design and manufacture the products you need.

Rotomolding offers greater design freedom than other manufacturing methods – allowing for the fast and affordable development of highly customized parts and specialized commercial components. And, rotomolded parts can affordably be produced in small runs. Tooling costs are lower with rotational molds than injection or blow molds. This results in lower start-up costs, as well as cost-effective production runs even when producing as few as twenty-five components at one time.

An additional advantage of rotational molding is that multiple small parts can often be replaced with just one (or a few) bigger parts. Eliminating the need for several small parts not only lowers your cost by reducing your parts count, but also eliminates the cost of the fasteners, adhesives and labor needed for assembling the small parts. And, one-piece parts are universally more durable than multi-piece components.

At Jer-Den, we also understand that visual appeal is an exceedingly important concern when producing products for the highly selective and competitive commercial and consumer sectors. Rotomolding allows for a virtually unlimited array of bright and appealing colors, without the need for expensive and time consuming painting. Additionally, there is no offensive chemical smell to rotomolded plastic, like there is with painted parts.

Rotational Molding Plastic Parts are Lightweight, Attractive & Affordable

We provide high-intensity color blending to provide the custom colors you need for your commercial and consumer products: green & brown for camouflaged outdoor use, bright orange for safety & visibility, primary colors for children’s furnishings . . . and everything in between! Additionally, we can manufacture the same product in multiple colors much more easily with rotomolding than with other manufacturing processes.

Not only are rotomolded products among the most attractive, they are also universally the safest to use for most commercial and consumer applications. Rotomolding allows for soft rounded corners and smooth edges – so end users are never injured by dangerous edges or sharp corners. Rotational molding also offers “one-piece-construction” (with no welds or seams) resulting in more durable products that will not crack or come apart and cause injury.

Rotational Molded Parts Meet or Exceed Safety Standards

We believe that safety should be every responsible manufacturer’s first priority when producing products for usage in commercial settings or for end-use by consumers. At Jer-Den we pride ourselves on our commitment to manufacturing the safest commercial products available. We understand the safety and regulatory compliance requirements of our clients’ commercial and consumer industries– and we guarantee to meet or exceed these standards.

Our engineers have decades of experience creating the best rotomolded plastic designs – and selecting the best choice of materials – for our clients’ individual commercial or consumer needs. At Jer-Den the integrity of your industrial product is ensured – so you never have to worry about part failure that can lead to broken products, personal injury or environmental contamination.

Commercial Plastic Part Rotational Molders

If you have a specialized manufacturing requirement for Commercial Plastic Part Rotational Molding, our experienced engineers and plastic manufacturing professionals can design a custom solution to meet your unique needs.



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