About Jer-Den Plastics Rotational Molding Company

Jer-Den Plastics designs, develops and manufactures rotationally molded plastic products for a diverse array of applications in the commercial, construction, agricultural, industrial, materials handling, marine, recreational vehicle and toy manufacturing industries.

We are a privately owned company, founded in 1995 – at which time we quickly recognized the potential for rotational molding to provide reliable, low-cost plastic products. Today, Jer-Den’s Plastics’ state-of-the-art technology and expert processing staff make us a leader in the rotational molding industry.

Jer-Den Plastics operates four (4) arm rotational molding machines, providing the necessary molding capacity for an efficient turn-around time, regardless of an order’s size. Our company also offers a host of secondary in-house services including routing, flame treating, foam filling, spin welding and hardware installation.

Expert US Plastic Rotational Molding Company

Located on a 6.5-acre site in St. Louis, Michigan, Jer-Den Plastics has the experienced design, engineering and operations staff to create intricate rotational molded plastic parts. And, our central location in the Midwest – with convenient Interstate access – enables us to provide the fastest, most efficient plastic product delivery and distribution, at the lowest freight costs, throughout the country.

Our state-of-the-art equipment – and our years of rotational molding experience – ensure that your plastic parts will always be manufactured to your exact specifications. We confidently guarantee the highest quality of rotational molding plastic products – at the best prices.

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